• I read Nat's weeknotes and decided I should do that because I'm cool and have interesting things to say
  • I am not cool, nor have interesting things to say
  • I've had a headache for close to two days now, this is regular life but also ow, fucking, ow
  • I took my girlfriend to see The Mousetrap for her birthday. Although it was very fun, there were a few glaring issues like how the policeman let a woman die so he could see how it all panned out
  • I think it's time to give up alcohol completely, it just makes me sleepy now
  • Don't go to the Redemption Bar to eat food, it's overpriced tasteless garbage
  • Five days until Glasgow holiday, get me out of here

Peanut the cat curled up by my side, with her paw outstretched holding onto my pyjama trousers for safety.