I can barely remember what happened in 2017 apart from a cacophony of horror from the world at large. Here are some of my personal highlights:

The bad

  • Received death threats from Nazis for three days straight
  • My health continued to worsen, this time becoming unable to walk unaided due to a vitamin deficiency

The good

  • Celebrated a year at uSwitch
  • Celebrated a year with one of my partners
  • Moved back to London (with a housemate and two beautiful cats!)
  • Started hosting Queer Code London once a month at my office
  • Organised a humble bundle book drive for the second year running, providing programming books to those who couldn't otherwise get them
  • Spoke at Alterconf, about how to improve the Open Source community at large
  • Spoke on my first panel at Non Binary in Tech
  • Picked a first name that suited me better
  • Went to Barcelona for the first time
  • Went to Berlin for the first time


Each time I make a New Year's resolution, I tend to break it. So, I don't want to set concrete goals for myself this year. Some things that would be cool to achieve:

  • Get a promotion
  • Learn how to make small semi-biographic games and publish them for free
  • Write the occasional post on this blog
  • Generally get better at programming
  • Stop being so damn self-deprecating
  • Be able to walk again, and go on adventures

We'll see!